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We wish to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all our guests. Therefore we have drawn up a list of rules to ensure domestic harmony. Every guest has the obligation to abide by the rules and terms of the motel; these requirements are for your safety and to assist us in assuring you of having a comfortable stay. And so we share information and cooperate with the local authorities.

  1. Maximum 2 adults per room. (No Kids- Adults Only - 1 King Bed for 2 Adults in all Rooms.)
  2. A valid State issued identification card of all occupying guest must be present at the front desk at all times.
  3. All Visitors must register in the office, and only registered guests can get the room key with a proper picture ID.
  4. No public drinking. No standing in the lobby. No back-in parking. No loitering. No Cooking indoor/outdoor. No doing Laundry in a guest room or hanging clothes.
  5. No illegal activity (including drug use/sales. Prostitution, & underage drinking) is allowed on the premises. If such activity is suspected, the management will notify the police and remove guests from the property.
  6. Room doors and windows must be kept closed at all times. Due to the high cost of energy, please turn off all electric equipment, such as TV, A/C, and lights while leaving the room.
  7. No pets allowed on the property.
  8. If personal property left in the room due to non-payment of rent or any other reason, all the personal property and items will be discarded.
  9. Do not bother other guests, such as singing loudly, or any other noisy actions, etc. Please keep down the noise from the television, sound system and avoid loud conversation and laughter.
  10. Refrain from any acts that could cause a fire in your room or anywhere on the property.
  11. Do not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows or outside of your guest room.
  12.  Refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended. Please do not remove or alter any equipment, locks or fixtures in the room.
  13. No guest is allowed to up anyone for the night or lets anyone use his/her bed in the room.
  14. No inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive or other dangerous articles are allowed to be carried into the property. Nor is burning articles and letting off fireworks permitted in the property.
  15. Vehicles should not be left behind on the property if you check-out lot or else they will be towed with the owner’s expense — no leaky vehicles, performing maintenance or repair to your vehicles on the premises.
  16. Luxury Inn and its employees have access to your room at any time, including but not limited to room service, maintenance or in an emergency.
  17. Luxury Inn and its employees will not be held responsible for loss, theft, and damage to your personal property.
  18. It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/ herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the property. The Management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the property forthwith, Without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of the default, the Management has the right to discard all the belongings from the room occupied by him/her. And the car will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  19. You cannot have too much stuff in the room and must maintain cleanness and a healthy environment at all times, if you are unable to upkeep your room, at your request housekeeping will provide room service.
  20. For your own safety, no running is allowed on the property, always watch your step when walking, climbing or coming down the stairs and always hold on to the railings. The property shall not be held liable for loss of or damage or injury to property, or injury to a person caused to any guest due to their own negligence.
  21. Nothing hereinabove shall continue or be deemed to constitute, or create any tenancy or sub-tenancy, or any other right to interact in the property premises or any part or portion thereof, in favor of any Guest or resident or visitor, and the Management shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the whole property premises.
  22. If the property should be damaged other than by the customer’s negligence, willful act, that of the customer’s employee, family, agent, or visitor and the motel and its management decided not to rebuild the property, the motel and its management may end room term.
  23. You understand that property only possess limited long-term room, if the room or its articles are damaged or stop working for any reason including but not limited to bathroom, toilet, water supply, telephone, cable/TV, internet and an electrical issue, you will provide motel management to make all the necessary small repairs with minimum of 24hrs or 48hrs for bigger issues. If for any reason the property is still not able to make the repairs you understand you’re free to find another suitable accommodation per your required needs.
  24. You agree to promptly notify the front desk of any damage, or any situation that may significantly interfere with the normal use of the property or to any furnishings supplied by the property but not limited to an electrical failure and water leak.
  25. You will be held responsible and be liable for any damage caused to the property by you or your guests.

You understand that you agree to these rules & regulations automatically when renting a room with us, and you will abide by them. You also understand that a violation of any of the above-stated rules will result in your removal from the property. This Agreement shall continue indefinitely until residing on the property. Again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making yours and others, patrons, a comfortable and pleasant stay.


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